Blogging Break

Dear all,

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the rest of 2017. I’m trying to spend as much time as I can working on my first novel and although I’m tempted to spend time on other things the overriding fear is that I’ll be working on this story for the rest of my bloody life without ever producing so much as a first draft…. so everything else has to be put to hold.

At some stage I will (along with the other Thinking Plainly team) update my website and social media pages as they all look rather lifeless but I am still active and I am not disappearing so do stay with me! I look forward to coming back to life soon 🙂

R.G Rankine


Collection Four – new short story ebook

Dear all,

I uploaded my latest two short story collections this week, Collection Four and Collection Five, and wanted to share them with you. I blogged last year explaining how I entered lots of competitions, I think in the region of 25 in total, and I didn’t place in any of them (fully expected, don’t worry!) so I blogged the shorter ones, set some aside for future development, and then reworked 6 that I thought suitable for self publishing. In truth, they did need reworking. I tried my best to work fast to deadlines, but by attempting so many in such short periods of time, it is very apparent to me that it’s not something I’m capable of. After re-reading these 6, I knew full well they were not good enough. It took me several weeks of editing and rewrites but I’m happy enough with them now and I’ve split them into two ebooks of 3 stories each.

I realise that it is nearly 3 months since my last blog post… that’s bad. I knew I was a bit occupied lately but that’s worse than I thought. I’ve been working on a few personal things that have taken up all of my concentration so haven’t been sharing much on social media at all. Hopefully that will change shortly, once I’ve settled back into a routine. Also I have been working on some new scripts for the literary drinks series I started last year. As soon as they are ready I’ll be sharing them, should be fun.

Collection Four

Here are the links to Collection Four and the next blog post will have the links for Collection Five.

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Amazon UK:

All the best,

R.G Rankine