Take My Leave

Okay I’m off in a few hours. It will be strange to be offline for a week but looking forward to it.
No surprise at the election results and no surprise at turn out figures, think I’ll enjoy not being around to read about it every day in the newspapers.
Although I’m going to take a notebook, I’m not worried about writing. If I feel like making notes then I will but perhaps a week off will help me refocus. When I come back I’m keen to finish the next short story. It’s more or less there but I’m guessing it will take a couple of weeks to finish (that’s if I am actually refocused when back) so hopefully I can publish it before the end of the month. I’m at the annoying stage, where I really want to finish it but I’m thinking of the next story and the temptation is to move onto that one…
Have a good weekend everyone and I’ll be back talking to myself before you know it.
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